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Blue Texel Shearling Rams and Ram Lambs available now for sale off farm. Well grown, good skins and conformation. Also Blue Texel registered shearling ewes in-lamb available from December onwards contact us for more details.

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Breeds come and go with fashion, while a few stick around to become the mainstay of the British sheep flock. But husband and wife team David and Jennifer Alexander believe the Blue Texel, with its conformation and ease of lambing, will be here to stay. Read the recent Farmers Guardian farm feature More

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Millside Farm

Millside farm, Galston, Ayrshire, South West ScotlandMillside Farm, Galston, owned by David and Jennifer Alexander, is situated within the rolling open Ayrshire countryside written about in the poems of Robert Burns when he lived at Mossgiel just outside the nearby village of Mauchline.

As the bard sets the scene for one of his famous “Mauchline”poems, The Holy Fair, he must have been walking in his fields with an outlook towards the north east…
“…I walked forth to view the corn…
The rising sun o’er Galston Muirs
Wi’ glorious light was glintin’…”

(Robert Burns)

Millside Lleyn Sheep FlockDavid has been involved with breeding pedigree sheep for over 25 years and Jennifer has a special interest in using wool from their own sheep flock to create Jennifer Alexander FeltingHANDMADE FELT.
The speckly character of Blue Texel wool in particular has proved very suitable to help interpret the aged concept of cave paintings for some of Jennifer’s large feltwork hangings

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